Rights of Planet Earth

Ecuador has given  legal rights to the planet EARTH.

Ecuador is not the first nation to do this. CHECK OUT THE (above) LINK.

“It’s not often that people look to countries such as Ecuador or Bolivia as examples that might have something to teach Canada. And yet, when it comes to finding new forms of economic development that pay serious attention to the environment, this is exactly the case. And at a time when Canada’s oil sands production continues to grow despite climate science predicting even more alarming consequences, it’s high time we had a look at what’s going on in the Andes. As part of a documentary production for The Nature of Things, that’s exactly what I did.”

 Idle No More

Another exiting development coming from the north land is the IDLE NO MORE movement. Started by 4 indigenous women to stop the development of the Tar Sands mining fiasco.  However this movement is broadly defined as the beginning of an International Earth defense Movement furthering the beginnings of the  “Occupy Movement” and others, connecting us all with the deep roots of Indigenous culture.

Origins of Idle no More