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Declaration Of the United Sovereign State of Peace.

November 26th, 2011

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Declaration Of the United Sovereign State of Peace.
We the People of the Earth, Declare A United State of Peace. This is a Sovereign State, a State of Consciousness. We have no national borders and no limitations. We live in a Quantum universe.

All who respect and honor this place are welcome.
We hold these truths to be self-evident: We have achieved a state of consciousness that goes beyond war. This awareness demands we enter and live in to a state of peace, healing and harmony. We are all sovereign of the womb. We have sovereignty over our will and the right to live freely and enjoy our lives, fearing no other, to live out their lives in peace and fulfillment.
Secondly we declare a universal state of healing, for people and planet.
Furthermore we declare our intention to live in this state to, nurture this seed of peace knowing it will grow and offer others to share in this as well.
With the release of vast resources dedicated to war and exploitation, we will reallocate these to support a state of healing. It is therefore our responsibility to abolish the exploitation of the limited, natural resources, human and natural. Our sense of human dignity, integrity and our respect for all living things demands this as well.
In the State of Peace we share and are sustained by living in harmony and balance with the earth our Home. We will work with attunement and within the limitations of the dynamic living ecosystem we are part of, in a synergistic symbiotic relationship with, and through which we live and breath. The stewardship of the Earth, its animals and plants, the care and comfort of the children, mothers, fathers and parents of all of us all, is our greatest concern and responsibility.
ALL Law is based on this. All economy is based on this. All health and healing is based on this. In the name of seven generations and forever onward,
May the strongest protect the weakest among us, all are one.
Do what though will, harm no other. Live in Balance with all living things.
This is no other Law.
Love. Home, Mother, Love, in any Language means the same to all people.
All people of every language, share words, for
Peace, Love, Home, and Family Joy. music, safe, respect, food midwife, baby, mother father, Grandmother, Grandfather, all living beings, Welcome

PEACE 2009