Grettings!  A few words about our company. We are a family business.Green Goddess formed Between 1999 and 2000.  We launched our chocolate business, beginning with organic fair trade chocolate sourced in Euorpe. We went to Europe and found the first people who produced fair trade European grade organic chocolate couverture in the world, we found our source and began creating  organic, vegan, fair trade chocolate on an artisan scale.  We see chocolate as a food, we work with many other plant foods as well. Our background is in herbalism for over 25 year and we have  experienced the healing qualities of plants.  We are proud to be originatorsin the US of the first sugar free organic fair trade chocolate,  in 2000, the first hemp seed chocolate bar,  and the first to combine medicinal mushrooms in our formulas. Anticipating the food bar evolution we created the LOVE TRUFFLE, a sugar free chocolate truffle, featuring a date a fig base anyone can enjoy, pure pleasure pure food. This formula became the forerunner and mainstay formulation of many food bars ever since.

Green goddess has pioneered the offering of many new “Super Foods” in America. We among the first to import work with and offer maca, goji berries, hempseed, himalyan crystal salt, spirulina, Norwegian kelp, fungi, essential oils herbs and spices. We offer 3 incredible  lines of healthy chocolate that we are happy to give to our own daughters, and friends who are now grown and currently making Green Goddess Organic Chocolates!

Thank you for your interest in our business!. We hope to establish a new  paradigm. We are not trying to become so large we can sell out in 5 years, thats the current way of doing business. We want to support our family with something we can be proud of,  make high quality organic chocolate a vehicle for healthy eating for the people. We want a truly sustainable business. We create all our chocolate by hand, in small batches, to ensure freshness and quality. We use only organic ingredients, local when ever possible, and include Super Foods that help us to maintain a healthy lifestyle why enjoying the delicious virtues of one of the “original super foods”,  chocolate. We sell directly to independent stores and people, eliminating the middleman, and deliver locally ourselves. Our company has a certified kitchen that uses Green Power wind and hydro power from our local electric co-op. We have spearheaded to creation of our own Bio Pac  biodegradable packaging, bringing biodegradable packaging to the US, we recycle and compost. We believe healthy decisions are made by healthy people, so the best thing we can do to influence positive change on the planet is to heal the people through healthy eating.

Our focus is healing networking and education. The retail events we do are as much about educating and networking as they are about sales. Green Goddess regularly creates fundraising projects and donates to worthy causes such as the alternative education, The Thirteen Grandmothers, The World Council of Elders, Dr.Patch Adams Gesundtheit Institute, NPR, The WOW Hall, Student Travel Programs to name a few over the years. We give away chocolate wherever we go ! We have hand made over 1.000.000 bars by 2010, This is a labor of love from our family to yours. Our Goal is to make a wonderful food product with no harm, that is made sustainable for the people and the planet. We invite you to try all of our chocolates. Thank you for your support.