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We are a small family business that makes all our chocolate by hand in small batches, to ensure freshness and quality. We are among the first in the US to import and create artisan scale organic fair trade chocolate. WE went to the creators of Fair Trade Chocolate in Europe. The same people who created Rapunzel and Green and Black, the first and second OFT chocolate producers in the world.
Over the years we have developed sources of OFT chocolate in many countries. Our chocolate is harvested, fermented, and produced into couverture, in the country of origin then directly imported the US. We have established one of the first European grade chocolate production facilities in the country of origin in the world. We use ORGANIC FAIR TRADE CHOCOLATE and 100% pure organic ingredients, local when ever possible, and include powerful botanical ingredients such as essential oils, herbs, spices, and fungi and nutritious superfoods that help us to maintain a healthy lifestyle in addition to enjoying the delicious virtues of chocolate.

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